About Us

The team at AEGIS Communications is committed to creating and disseminating high value education materials, practice resources, and events in a manner that speaks to today’s oral healthcare professionals. Widely recognized for its affiliations with dental schools, researchers, and key opinion leaders, AEGIS Communications also delivers turnkey communication solutions for the healthcare community, through its three divisions:


Through its multi-level print and digital platforms, AEGIS Communications provides seamless marketing and communications initiatives to deliver targeted messages that increase engagement. These strategic opportunities include print supplements, articles, webinars, eBooks, eBlasts/eNewsletters, and print/web advertising—all supported by the AEGIS team of experienced writers, designers, and content/digital marketing specialists.

Continuing Education

AEGIS Communications has developed one of the largest oral healthcare continuing education platforms in North America at CDEWorld.com. From branded portal partnerships, to webinars, to regional live events, CDEWorld offers the full range of educational opportunities and resources, in an environment of high-value, globally recognized continuing education content development.

Visual Media Services

AEGIS Media is a unique scientific visualization company offering marketing and education solutions for healthcare and related industries. The team specializes in animation, illustration, interactive media, and video for clinical procedures/protocols, patient education, products/directions for use, sales training, and other cases in which visual content makes a compelling difference.

Daniel W. Perkins
Anthony A. Angelini
Karen A. Auiler
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